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Welcome to gg_challenge!

The Challenge

The general challenge is the four picture challenge. Four pictures are posted and you may submit up to two icons. These two icons must be of different pictures and no blending of the images, no blending of other images either, you can only use the pictures provided. However, you can crop, color, animate (only using the one picture), add text (not mandatory) or do pretty much whatever you wish as long as it follows the basic guidelines.

When the mods are feeling lazy or creative there may be a different challenge from the four picture challenge. The rules of that challenge will be specified in that post and you must follow those rules instead of the general rules posted here.

The Icons

Every week a challenge will be posted. Post your icons as a comment in that post. All comments are screened to ensure anonymity so do not post your icons elsewhere until the results have been posted.

You may submit up to two icons.

All icons must fit LJ standards. 100x100 px max, 40kB max, and .jpg, .png or .gif formats.

Post both img and url versions of your icon(s). Make sure your icon is on a reliable server. www.photobucket.com works well, especially since we use that to store the challenge images and so we have no challenge without photobucket.



The Vote

When you vote, vote for your three favourites in order. And no voting for yourself. Voting is also screened.

The Winners

After votes are tallied four winners are announced as well has Moderator’s Choice (MC). Personalized banners are a thing of the past since no one has the time so you may collect a general banner here if you place.

The Schedule

Sunday Night: New challenge is posted
Sunday Night-Friday Evening: Submit icon(s)
Friday Evening: Voting is posted
Friday Evening-Sunday Evening: Voting
Sunday Evening: Results posted

If you have any questions please check out the FAQ first before contacting the mods. Chances are, your question has already been answered.

The Mods:

On a special note, thank you so much to wild_dreamer and wingsofsapphire for creating this community and making it the amazing place it is today. Thanks from all of us!

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FAQs//Challenge Suggestions//Banners